Dec 01, 2020  
2016 - 2018 CNM Catalog, Volume 49 
2016 - 2018 CNM Catalog, Volume 49 [The CNM Academic Year includes Fall, Spring, Summer Terms]

EPS 2201 - Earth History

3 credit hour(s)

Prerequisite: EPS 1101  + EPS 1192 .
Recommended: EPS 2292 .*

This course reviews the geological and biological processes that have operated on Earth for the last 4.6 billion years.  Topics include the dating of rocks, the changing configuration of oceans and continents as a result of plate tectonics, records of climate change, and the history of the formation and erosion of mountain chains.  Earth History explores the processes that produce sedimentary rocks and preserve fossils, as well as key concepts related to the diversity of life, evolution, and the fossil record.

* It is recommended that students take EPS 2292  concurrently with the lecture. The lab experience serves to enhance the student’s understanding of the concepts discussed in the lecture.