Sep 23, 2021  
2016 - 2018 CNM Catalog, Volume 49 
2016 - 2018 CNM Catalog, Volume 49 [The CNM Academic Year includes Fall, Spring, Summer Terms]

EMS 2790 - Capstone Field Experience

6 credit hour(s)
Pre- or corequisite: EMS 2503  + EMS 2507  + EMS 2590  + EMS 2593 .
This course is the summative evaluation of paramedic training . Paramedic students to be able to integrate pathophysiological principles and assessment findings to formulate a field impression and implement the treatment plan for patients with common complaints. Students will show competency as a team lead and team member . This meets the  National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians guidelines and standards.  Under the direction of a field preceptor, the student will learn to safely manage  a prehospital emergency. The student will arrange EMS field time through the internship coordinator. This course also includes preparation for the NREMT psychomotor skills exam.

  • 360 Clinical hours