Feb 08, 2023  
2016 - 2018 CNM Catalog, Volume 49 
2016 - 2018 CNM Catalog, Volume 49 [The CNM Academic Year includes Fall, Spring, Summer Terms]

GEOG 1960 - Geography of Food

3 credit hour(s)
Prerequisite: IRW 0980  or appropriate placement score .

This course will cover the origins of the food we eat, its geographic role in human history, and its cultural importance in societies. We will look at the state of our food, its production and availability in the world today, in the U.S. vs. the rest of the world, its relevance to the economy, its impact on the environment, and its effect on nutrition.


  • Students not meeting the IRW 0980  prerequisite may elect to take CSE 1101  as a Pre- or Corequisite to this course.