Aug 15, 2020  
2018 - 2020 CNM Catalog, Volume 50 
2018 - 2020 CNM Catalog, Volume 50 [The CNM Academic Year includes Fall, Spring, Summer Terms]

ENDT 1530 - Electrical Concepts in Neurodiagnostic Technology I

2 credit hour(s)

Pre- or corequisite: CIS 1410 
Corequisite: ENDT 1090  + ENDT 1520  + ENDT 1550  + ENDT 1592 
This course provides the foundation of electrical concepts related to Neurodiagnostic Technology and instrumentation. These concepts include electrical safety, grounding, analog to digital conversion, and physiological data collection and analysis. Digital measurement and modifications to the EEG recording will be addressed in depth, with particular attention to impedance, calibration, filters, sensitivity, montage, and differential amplifiers.