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2022-2023 CNM Catalog, Volume 54 
2022-2023 CNM Catalog, Volume 54 [The CNM Academic Year includes Fall, Spring, Summer Terms]

Modern Languages (AA), American Sign Language Concentration

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School of Communication, Humanities & Social Sciences (CHSS)

Modern Languages courses develop listening, reading, and writing skills in the learning of languages other than English. American Sign Language, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Arabic are some of the most widely spoken languages in the world.

This program is designed to meet the requirements of an Associate of Arts in Modern Languages from CNM. It is the student’s responsibility to seek out specific admission and degree requirements of any transfer school, as these vary.

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Approximate Costs of this Educational Option

Financial Aid Considerations

Educational Option Information

  • This educational option is an: Associate of Arts
  • This educational option can be completed: Full-time or Part-Time
  • This educational option can be started: Any Term
  • Primary course location: Any CNM campus and/or online

Educational Opportunities

This degree prepares students to continue with a degree in foreign languages and/or ASL at a 4-year institution.

Career Opportunities

A degree in Modern Languages with a concentration in ASL  can be used on résumé and employment applications for our graduates.  Students wishing to work in the fields of education, hospitality, health care, etc., will likely benefit from this degree.


Minimum Credit Hours Required to Complete Degree: 61

* Any Arabic (ARBC), French (FREN), Spanish (SPAN) or Portuguese (PORT)

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