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2020 - 2021 CNM Catalog, Volume 52 
2020 - 2021 CNM Catalog, Volume 52 [The CNM Academic Year includes Fall, Spring, Summer Terms]

Bench Jewelry, Certificate of Achievement

School of Communication, Humanities & Social Sciences (CHSS)

Upon completion of the certificate in Bench Jewelry, students will demonstrate understanding of basic non-ferrous metallurgy.  Students will repair chains and stone settings.  Students will have experience in designing and fabricating personal jewelry objects.  Students will be prepared for employment in areas related to jewelry design, sales, fabrication, repair and manufacturing.

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Educational Option Information

  • This educational option is an: Certificate of Completion
  • This educational option can be completed: in 2 terms
  • This educational option is designed for: This Certificate of Completion is designed for the AA/Studio Fine Arts major interested in focusing on jewelry-making as a career path during the completion of the Studio Fine Arts Degree, or community members seeking the degree to increase their knowledge and capacity within the professional jewelry industry.  The program focuses on professional jewelry techniques and practices, creating a personal production line,  stone setting and bench jewelry repair.
  • This educational option can be started: Fall or spring term
  • Primary course location: FUSE Makerspace.

Special Requirements

In order to receive financial aid for the certificate it must be completed as part of the AA Studio Fine Arts degree path.   Students will be in a classroom environment that can be potentially dangerous or hazardous due to the use of chemicals and torches. 

Felony Conviction

A felony conviction will not prevent entry into the program or employment; however, it may limit available employment opportunities.

Additional Supplies

Most tools and equipment are provided in the classroom environment.  Students should expect to begin buying their own tools as they progress through the course work.  Students will have to buy some materials and supplies to complete the program.  Many of the supplies and materials are provided through course fees.

Approximate Costs of this Educational Option

Financial Aid Considerations

Educational Opportunities

This certificate is intended for workforce preparation.

Career Opportunities

Employment in local companies making or repairing jewelry. Excellent prospects in the state’s 5.6 billion-dollar arts and culture sector.

Program Requirements

Minimum Credit Hours Required to Complete Certificate: 12