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2015 - 2016 CNM Catalog, Volume 48.1 
2015 - 2016 CNM Catalog, Volume 48.1 [The CNM Academic Year includes Fall, Spring, Summer Terms]

Biotechnology, Associate of Science

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School of Math, Science & Engineering (MSE)


The Biotechnology Program prepares students for transfer to a four year program in Biology with a concentration in the dynamic and exciting field of Biotechnology. Four year degree graduates can expect to compete for positions as biotechnicians where they will use cutting-edge technology to uncover the molecular causes of disease, develop new drugs and therapies, enhance agricultural products or remediate environmental problems. Biotechnicians conduct research experiments, run assays, operate lab equipment, and help manage laboratory activities by maintaining records, performing data analysis, and establishing and maintaining quality controls. Students in the Biotechnology Program build knowledge and skills through a program of lectures and hands-on laboratory experience. Laboratory techniques include molecular biology, recombinant DNA, protein isolation and analysis, immunology and cell culture skills.

The Associate of Science degree is designed for students who wish to acquire the skills necessary to work in the field of biotechnology. Students will receive classroom training in the fundamentals of biology and chemistry, as well as skills taught in biotechnology core courses. The majority of the coursework is intended to fulfill the basic introductory requirements of a Bachelor of Science degree at a four year institution. The specific biotechnology coursework is intended to supplement that coursework with skills and abilities that will provide graduates with a competitive edge when seeking employment or applying for graduate programs. A pending articulation agreement between CNM and the University of New Mexico will allow all CNM biotechnology coursework to be applied to the UNM Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and constitute a concentration in Biotechnology.

Educational Option Information

This educational option is an

  • Associate of Science Degree

This educational option can be completed

  • Part-Time or Full-Time

This educational option is designed for

  • Immediate employment and transfer into a baccalaureate program

Scheduling Information

  • Follow course catalog recommendations to avoid scheduling problems.

Primary course location

  • South Valley Campus

Special Requirements

Biotechnology core courses must be taken in sequence. Please note the following:

  • BIOT 1020 is typically offered in Summer term.
  • BIOT 2110 is typically offered in Fall term.
  • BIOT 2210 is typically offered in Spring term.

Students are expected to purchase textbooks, lab manuals, lab notebooks, a lab coat and lab safety equipment.

Information for people with felony convictions

  • A felony conviction will not prevent entry into the program or employment; however, it may limit available employment opportunities.

Approximate Costs of this Educational Option

Financial Aid Considerations

Career and Educational Opportunities

Educational Opportunities

Many of our courses are transferable to universities and CNM currently has transfer agreements with many colleges in New Mexico.

Employment Information

Prospects for Employment

  • Biotechnology is an emerging industry nationally, and as the bioscience industry continues to grow, so will the opportunities for biotechnicians.

Sample Job Duties

  • Biotechnicians are employed in areas such as basic science research, clinical research, industrial research and development, pharmaceuticals, agricultural engineering and environmental science. Most Biology graduates with a four year degree and concentration in Biotechnology will find work in the first three fields because these are the most common biotechnology industries found in New Mexico.

Current pay rates

  • In New Mexico, entry level salaries start at $15/hour for B.S. degree technicians. Salaries for experienced biotechnicians can reach $20+/hour.

Recommended Sequence of Courses

Program Proficiencies and/or Prerequisites

Students must demonstrate proficiency in these areas either by placement exam scores  or specific course work.


Associate of Science in Biotechnology 68-70 credit hours

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