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2016 - 2018 CNM Catalog, Volume 49 
2016 - 2018 CNM Catalog, Volume 49 [The CNM Academic Year includes Fall, Spring, Summer Terms]

Teacher Education (AA), Secondary Concentration (effective Fall 2017)

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School of Communication, Humanities & Social Sciences (CHSS)

The Teacher Education associate degree program facilitates an introduction to learning the theory and skills required for working with children in the public school system (K-12). Students will also gain practical experience in the classroom.

This program leads to an Associate of Arts degree in Teacher Education with a concentration in Secondary Education.  Students will choose a subject area track in Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies or Spanish.
In New Mexico, teachers must complete one or more teaching fields (endorsements) to apply for a Secondary Teaching License (grades 7-12).

Special Requirements

  • Students must pass a criminal background check prior to beginning their field / practicum experience.
  • All courses required for transfer must be taken for a traditional grade of A, B, C, etc.

Approximate Costs of this Educational Option

Financial Aid Considerations

Educational Opportunities

The Education Department also offers courses for students who have already earned a bachelor’s degree and want to transition to teaching through Alternative Teacher Licensure  in the following areas:

  • Elementary (K-8)
  • Secondary (7-12)
  • Special Education (K-12)

Students should refer to the Alternative Teacher Licensure website for more information about the program.

Students transferring to a New Mexico College of Education for teacher licensure are required to take the NES Essential Academic Skills exam as part of the program admission process.  It is recommended that students take the NES Essential Academic Skills test in their final semester of the program after the majority of their coursework has been completed. 

Career Opportunities

The associate of arts degree enables graduates to serve as educational assistants or substitute teachers within New Mexico public schools. Graduates from the program may transfer to four-year institutions that grant bachelor’s degrees in education.


Teaching remains a high demand field in New Mexico, especially in the areas of Bilingual Elementary, Secondary (Math or Science), and Special Education. The starting salary for teachers in New Mexico public schools is $34,000. Within 7 years of teaching, teachers can move to a salary of $50,000.

Program Proficiencies and/or Prerequisites

Students may demonstrate proficiency in these areas either by Diploma/GPA , placement exam scores , or specific course work.

Recommended Sequence of Courses

Teacher Licensure requirements may vary for specific disciplines. Consult an academic coach or the program director in selecting electives and meeting requirements.

Associate of Arts in Teacher Education, Secondary Concentration 60 credit hours

Secondary Education: Content Area Tracks

Secondary Education Content Area Tracks (12 credits)**

In New Mexico, teachers must complete one or more teaching fields (endorsements) to apply for a Secondary Teaching License (grades 7-12).
Students are advised to choose one teaching field from the tracks listed below as program approved electives to fulfill the teaching field requirements for the Teacher Education Secondary Concentration.

Language Arts Content Area (12 credit hours):

ENG 2262 - Survey of Earlier World Literature  
ENG 2263 - Survey of Later World Literature  
ENG 2287 - Earlier American Literature  
ENG 2240 - Traditional Grammar  
ENG 2219 - Technical Writing  

Social Studies Content Area (12 credit hours):

GEOG 2201 - World Regional Geography  
PSCI 2200 - U.S. Politics  
PSCI 2220 - Comparative Government and Politics  
SOC 2216 - Ethnic and Minority Groups  

Spanish Content Area (12 credit hours):

SPAN 1101 - Beginning Spanish  
SPAN 1111 - Heritage Spanish Language  

SPAN 1102 - Beginning Spanish II  
SPAN 1112 - Heritage Spanish Language II  

SPAN 2201 - Intermediate Spanish I  
SPAN 2202 - Intermediate Spanish II  
SPAN 2203 - Intermediate Spanish II Conversation  
SPAN 2280 - Introduction to Hispanic Literature  

Math Content Area (12 credit hours):

CSCI 1153 - Programming in Matlab  
MATH 1710 - Calculus I  
MATH 1715 - Calculus II  
MATH 2710 - Calculus III  

Science Content Area (12 credit hours):

BIO 1510 - Molecular and Cell Biology  
BIO 1592 - Molecular and Cell Biology Laboratory  
BIO 1610 - Genetics  
BIO 1692 - Genetics Laboratory  
CHEM 1710 - General Chemistry I  
CHEM 1792 - General Chemistry I Lab  
CHEM 1810 - General Chemistry II  
CHEM 1892 - General Chemistry II Lab  
EPS 1101 - Introduction to Geology  
EPS 1192 - Introduction to Geology Laboratory  
EPS 2201 - Earth History  
EPS 2292 - Earth History Laboratory  
PHYS 1510 - Algebra-Based Physics I  
PHYS 1592 - Algebra-Based Physics I Laboratory  
PHYS 1610 - Algebra-Based Physics II  
PHYS 1692 - Algebra-Based Physics II Laboratory  

Additional Notes

We encourage students to meet with an advisor to review the transfer requirements of the college where they intend to complete their degree to determine if there are additional general education course requirements that can be completed at CNM.

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