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2011 - 2012 CNM Catalog June 2011, Volume 44 
2011 - 2012 CNM Catalog June 2011, Volume 44 [The CNM Academic Year includes Fall, Spring, Summer Terms]


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School of Math, Science & Engineering


Program information is available from the School of Math, Science and Engineering Office at (505) 224-3561 or Program Director: (505) 224-5032 or from Academic Advisement and Career Development at (505) 224-4321.

Program Description

The Biotechnology Program prepares students for work in dynamic and exciting careers as biotechnicians where they will use cutting-edge technology to uncover the molecular causes of disease, develop new drugs and therapies, enhance agricultural products or remediate environmental problems. Biotechnicians conduct research experiments, run assays, operate lab equipment, and help manage laboratory activities by maintaining records, performing data analysis, and establishing and maintaining quality controls. Students in the Biotechnology Program build knowledge and skills through a program of lectures and extensive hands-on laboratory experience. Laboratory techniques include molecular biology, recombinant DNA, protein isolation and analysis, immunology and cell culture skills. Degree students will also participate in a supervised internship at laboratory facilities during the final term of the program.

The Associates of Science degree is designed for students who wish to acquire the skills necessary to work in the field of biotechnology. Students will receive classroom training in the fundamentals of biology, chemistry and biochemistry, as well as skills taught in Biotechnology core courses.

The Certificate in Biotechnology is designed for students who wish to acquire or upgrade their hands-on laboratory skills in biotechnology. The certificate is composed solely of Biotechnology core courses. The prerequisite for the certificate is that the student must hold a B.S. degree or have significant, transcripted upper-level coursework in chemistry (including biochemistry) and the biological sciences.

Special Requirements

The Biotechnology program is designated as a Limited Entry Program at CNM. Students who wish to pursue Biotechnology will need to apply and be accepted before they can start the program. Please refer to the Office of Limited Entry Programs website for information about 2012 application requirements, selection criteria, and deadlines, which will be different from those used in 2011:

The Biotechnology Program begins only in the summer semester. Because the program builds upon skills learned in previous semesters, the Biotechnology core courses must be taken in sequence.

Students should plan to apply in the spring semester for summer entry into the program, and should attend an information session to learn about the application process, program requirements and career opportunities. Dates and times for program information sessions can be obtained by calling the School of Math, Science & Engineering at (505) 224-3561 or by visiting

Students are required to purchase a lab coat and lab notebook.

Career and Educational Opportunities

Both the Biotechnology A.S. degree and Certificate prepare students for immediate employment in the field. Biotechnicians are employed in areas such as basic science research, clinical research, industrial research and development, pharmaceuticals, agricultural engineering and environmental science. Most CNM Biotechnology graduates find work in the first three fields because these are the most common biotechnology industries found in New Mexico. Biotechnology is an emerging industry in New Mexico, and as the bioscience industry continues to grow, so will the opportunities for biotechnicians. In New Mexico, entry level salaries start at $13/hr for A.S. degree technicians and $15 for B.S. degree technicians. Salaries for experienced Biotechnicians can reach $20+/hr.

Exit competencies (see Program Exit Competencies ) for this program of study are available at

For the graduation policy refer to the Moving On  section, or the Students tab in my CNM.

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