May 30, 2024  
2022-2023 CNM Catalog, Volume 54 
2022-2023 CNM Catalog, Volume 54 [The CNM Academic Year includes Fall, Spring, Summer Terms]

AVMT 1015 - Materials & Processes

3 credit hour(s)
Pre- or corequisite: AVMT 1005  + AVMT 1010  + AVMT 1020  + AVMT 1025  
Introduction to aircraft terminology, nomenclature, materials and processes, fluid lines and fittings, precision measuring equipment, mechanics tools, aircraft hardware, aircraft cleaning and corrosion control.  Covers the process and procedures required to inspect, repair, and fabricate rigid and flexible fluid lines.  Covers aircraft hardware identification and the use of precision measuring tools.  Covers identification of various forms of corrosion and cleaning techniques.

  • 30 theory hours
  • 45 lab hours