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2022-2023 CNM Catalog, Volume 54 
2022-2023 CNM Catalog, Volume 54 [The CNM Academic Year includes Fall, Spring, Summer Terms]

BIOL 2710 - Biotechnology I

4 credit hour(s)
Prerequisite: BIOL 2110  + BIOL 2110L  + CHEM 1215  + CHEM 1215L  
Pre- or corequisite: BIOL 2410  + BIOL 2410L  + CHEM 1225  + CHEM 1225L  
The goal of this course is to provide you with the core conceptual foundation and hands on experience required to perform basic laboratory techniques used in a biotechnology laboratory. It is essential that these skills are mastered, since this will be the basis for all of the techniques used in future courses (BIOL 2715 and BIOL 2720). This class will provide theory and experience in lab safety and measurement, bacterial transformations and cloning, recombinant DNA, gel electrophoresis, tissue culture and basic bioinformatics skills.

  • 30 theory hours
  • 90 lab hours
  • Previously BIOT 1020. Read more .