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2021-2022 CNM Catalog, Volume 53 
2021-2022 CNM Catalog, Volume 53

HIST 1180 - Survey of Modern Latin America

3 credit hour(s)
Pre- or corequisite:   
Recommended: (ENGL 1110  or ENGL 1110P ) *
The primary objective of this course is to serve as a survey of the history of Latin America from independence to the present. This course will explore the contributions of Indigenous peoples, Africans, and Europeans to the creation of Latin America’s diverse societies. The elements of this course are designed to inform students on the major events and trends that are essential to the understanding of the history of Latin America within the context of world societies.

  • HIST 1180 and HIST 1170  can be taken in any order (do not need to be taken sequentially).
  • Previously HIST 1182.

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