May 20, 2019  
2018 - 2020 CNM Catalog, Volume 50 
2018 - 2020 CNM Catalog, Volume 50

ACCT 1110 - Introduction to Financial Accounting

6 credit hour(s)

Pre- or corequisite: MATH 1315  or higher.
Recommended:  *

This course is offered via distance learning only. Students analyze and record business transactions, implement accrual basis accounting and prepare basic financial statements. In addition, students apply generally accepted accounting principles to the elements of the balance sheet. This class is fast-paced (double the normal pace of ACCT 1111  or ACCT 1112 ).

* Students need to have basic reading skills for this course.


  • Last offered Spring 2016.  Students graduating under catalogs prior to Fall 2016 will need to take ACCT 1115 in lieu of this course.  Students will need to contact BIT School Advisor for further information.

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