Jan 25, 2022  
2015 - 2016 CNM Catalog, Volume 48.1 
2015 - 2016 CNM Catalog, Volume 48.1 [The CNM Academic Year includes Fall, Spring, Summer Terms]

CHEM 1010 - Chemistry in Our Communities

3 credit hour(s)

Prerequisite: RDG 0950 . Recommended: MATH 0930 * + CHEM 1092 .**

This course will introduce non-science majors to the basic chemistry required to understand a variety of scientific topics currently in the news and affecting our community such as the ozone hole, global warming, acid rain, nuclear power, plastics, drugs, and genetic engineering. Students will develop the critical thinking skills to assess the risks and benefits or technology-based issues. By the end of the course, students will be able to critically evaluate scientific claims as presented in the popular press.

* It is recommended that students take MATH 0930  prior to taking CHEM 1010 since a working knowledge of basic algebra is useful.
** Additionally, it is recommended that students take CHEM 1092  concurrently with the lecture. The lab experience serves to enhance the student’s understanding of the concepts discussed in the lecture.