Jun 02, 2020  
2015 - 2016 CNM Catalog, Volume 48.1 
2015 - 2016 CNM Catalog, Volume 48.1 [The CNM Academic Year includes Fall, Spring, Summer Terms]

GEOG 1101 - Physical Geography

3 credit hour(s)

Prerequisite: RDG 0950  or appropriate placement scores . Corequisite: GEOG 1192 .*


This course introduces the physical elements of world geography through the study of climate and weather, vegetation, soils, plate tectonics, and the various types of landforms as well as the environmental cycles and the distributions of these components and their significance to humans.

* It is recommended that students take GEOG 1192  concurrently with the lecture. The lab experience serves to enhance the student’s understanding of the concepts discussed in the lecture.