Jan 28, 2021  
2016 - 2018 CNM Catalog, Volume 49 
2016 - 2018 CNM Catalog, Volume 49 [The CNM Academic Year includes Fall, Spring, Summer Terms]

BA 2281 - Ethics in Business

3 credit hour(s)

Pre- or corequisite: BA 1121  or ENG 1101  or ESOL 1020 .
Recommended: BA 1101 .*

Focuses on the identification, analysis and practical resolution of ethical issues that managers and business leaders face in the workplace with particular emphasis on the role of business managers and leaders in establishing and maintaining the ethical culture of a business. Case studies and real-life problems are used to study the competing values and interests involved in ethical situations, and to develop a framework and strategy to make practical decisions.

*Students will benefit from a foundational knowledge of business principles and practices.