May 30, 2024  
2023-2024 CNM Catalog, Volume 55 
2023-2024 CNM Catalog, Volume 55 [The CNM Academic Year includes Fall, Spring, Summer Terms]

Math 1111-1114 Series

Students may choose three of these four 1-credit MATH courses. Individual programs may require that student take specific courses within the MATH 1111-1114 series for the purpose of meeting prerequisites for higher level courses, or meeting industry standards and accreditation guidelines.
  • MATH 1111 - Problem Solving with Formulas, Measurements and Algebra   
  • MATH 1112 - Problem Solving with Statistics and Probability   
  • MATH 1113 - Problem Solving with Geometry and Trigonometry   
  • MATH 1114 - Problem Solving with Consumer Mathematics   

  Note: MATH 1101 - Methods of Problem Solving 4 credit_hour(s)  will meet this requirement.